Appointment Information:

For Concealed Weapon Applicants Only.

Appointment confirmations are emailed to each customer. Please follow the instructions noted in the confirmation email.





Concealed Weapon License Original Applications and Renewals are processed at the Metro-8 Service Center ONLY.
Appointment Required. 


CWL Processing is now located on the I-10 side of the Metropolitan building. Drive around the back side of the building to access the CWL Processing entrance.

CWL Entrance

Application Process

During your appointment, an electronic version of the application must be completed, using a computer provided by our office located at 1276 Metropolitan Boulevard, Suite 102. Our staff will preview your application, scan your fingerprints, take your photograph and process your payment. The Final Approval for a Florida Concealed Weapon License Application is determined by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.


Required Documents for Your Appointment
  1. A picture identification (i.e., a valid driver license or state issued ID card).
  2. A copy of an approved firearms training document (i.e., certificate if completion or proof of competency from a firearms safety course/training class conducted by a state-certified instructor or an instructor certified by the National Rifle Association).
  3. Other documents may be required: See Eligibility Requirements.


Payment Information

Applications for First-time Licenses and Renewals will incur a processing fee as shown in the table below.

First-time Licenses* Renewals*
(Processing fee)................$22.00 (Processing fee)................$12.00

*See Fee Schedule for costs associated with CW-Application processing.


For your convenience, payments can be made in the form of a personal check, cashier's check, money order or cash. Major credit cards are accepted (credit/debit card user fees apply).