Interested in becoming a Tax Certificate Investor?

Here are the Steps:

  1. Register to become Bidder in Leon County (after clicking this link, you must review the disclaimer and begin the Bidder Registration. Click page instructions, if needed), and
  2. Participate in our Annual Tax Certificate Sale held on June 1 (every year) or;
  3. Purchase County Held Certificates ( All available county held certificates can be viewed by clicking this link).


Registering to become a Bidder in Leon County

Anyone can register to become a Bidder in Leon County.

Any “person” can register to bid on a tax certificate at our Annual Tax Certificate Sale.  According to Chapter 197.432(6), Florida Statutes, the “person” who will pay the taxes, interest, costs, and charges (at our annual tax sale) and will demand the lowest rate of interest, not in excess of the maximum rate allowed will be awarded the tax certificate.  

Any “person” can also purchase a County Held Certificate from our website.

To participate in Leon County’s internet tax certificate sale or to purchase a county held certificate, a person or entity must first register as a bidder through the tax sale web site.  An identification number (bidder number) is assigned for use after your registration is complete. You must register at the link above.

Annual Tax Certificate Sale (General Information)

In Leon County, our tax certificate sale is held online on June 1. Bids can be made once the advertised items are published on our website or in a local newspaper, usually beginning in early to mid-May. The tax certificate advertisement can also be retrieved from any of the Leon County Tax Collector Offices.

The items advertised are divided into 4 Lots.  A lot is a subgroup of the advertised list and serves as a means of organizing tax certificates for the purpose of facilitating bid submissions.  Each tax certificate in each lot is auctioned independently of every other tax certificate and arranged in sequential order with a unique sale closing time for each lot.  Bids can be submitted, withdrawn, or altered at any point up to the closing of the lot on the day of the sale. Payment for the tax certificate (if you are the winning bidder) is typically required 48 hours after the sale is complete.

The interest on a tax certificate ranges from 0 to 18%. Bids are entered with the tax certificate being awarded to the bidder willing to take the lowest interest rate. After a certificate is issued, an investor will receive, at least a return in interest of 5% (Florida Statutes) except for a bid of 0%. A certificate won with a 0% bid earns no interest. The investor is guaranteed 5% over the life of the certificate IF THE CERTIFICATE IS REDEEMED (i.e. the taxes are paid by the property owner). Certificates are good for 7 years from the date of issuance. At the end of 7 years, the certificate is cancelled, by Florida Law. If the certificate is not sold to an individual, a certificate will be issued to the County bearing an interest rate of 18%, and may be purchased (as provided below). The certificate is kept as an electronic file at the Tax Collector’s office. More information on the Annual Tax Sale can be found here: https://leontaxcollector.net/Services/property-taxes/Annual-Tax-Sale


County Held Certificates

Certificates that do not sell at the Annual Tax Certificate Sale become the property of the County and are offered for public purchase. The unsold certificates carry an 18% interest rate per Florida Statute beginning the date the certificate was struck to the County. County-held certificates redeemed in the month they are purchased, earn no interest for the certificate holder.